Submitting appeal for WA Scammer/Banned Tag

Issues with being scammed - appeal a scam - report or ban problems.

Submitting appeal for WA Scammer/Banned Tag

Postby Horse » Wed Apr 23, 2014 5:07 pm

We require a few things to process an appeal:

Copy your info block pasted from -- like this:

You will need to include everything you can supply as in evidence against the tag in the first post (Please don't flood posts upon posts with small bits of data).
You will need to make sure the account you are appealing is full on Public and not hidden in anyway.
You will need to note all ALT accounts even if it is a family member with the same block information as noted above.

We follow very close to this list of tips:

  • You must have a public profile and a public backpack this includes Alt accounts listed. If they are not public, don't even bother.
  • Don't appeal with a marked Alt account, appeal only with main account.
  • You must repay the victim before appeal will be processed...NO EXCEPTIONS! (This does not ensure ban/tag removal).
  • No 3rd party appeals - basically your friend can't appeal for you. If you can't speak English or bad English then we may look for a translator.
  • Supply all evidence against the tag up front, we may ask for certain things as we go along so watch thread closely.
  • We don't work with appeals if you are Valve Trade Banned... get rid of that first.
  • Buying/selling/trading/lending or any other transfer/use of ownership of a Steam Account does not negate a banned tag nor are you able to appeal for the account.
  • Be nice, we will be nice back...pretty simple. If you go off half cocked, insult or whatever towards us then don't expect good things to come out of it. We will just lock the appeal and rule on it from that point on.
  • The appeals process isn't thru a dictatorship, while one person may be responding we discuss things with other parties such as other groups you may be accessing like Outpost, TF2TP, SteamRep themselves or whoever to gauge the type of person you are. Circumstances change over time and we recognize that.
  • Only (1) Appeal per WA Tagged account.
We may send you a steam add to discuss specifics but do keep an eye on the appeal you start in case we respond.

Decisions are final unless stated otherwise in the appeal.

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