AUG 21st update.

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AUG 21st update.

Postby ЩĄ | KĄȤ » Fri Aug 22, 2014 12:21 pm

Just to let everyone know, the AUG 21st update Borked everything. Steam thought it was a great idea to change everyone's SteamID's without letting the community know about it.

They state:
"We apologize for the lack of warning regarding the SteamID format change in today's update. It was our intent to give the community a heads-up before the change was released, but it was missed."

So yeah, once again Valve failed the TF2 community.

Anyhow, moving on... Horse has made a bunch of patches to keep things somewhat going for now, things will get better in the next couple days as plugins are updated and whatnot.

Keeping you in the know!
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