Reporting a Scammer

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Reporting a Scammer

Postby Horse » Thu Nov 10, 2011 12:41 pm

We basically require the same type of report structure that SteamRep requires - it just requires a little more effort on your part.

You're steamID is Required:
You're Steam Profile Address is Required:
steamrepURL is Required:

Scammer's steamID is Required:
Scammer's Steam Profile Address is Required:
steamrepURL is Required:

Steam chat - Please try to get everything (If you don't have enough evidence such as a screen shot of chat showing agreement or break of agreement it may not process or be accepted).

Trade window - good idea to get a screen shot of this also!

DO NOT re-size pictures or crop pictures AT ALL!! - if you do this we may not be able to see what is there or believe what you post.

You can Upload the images for free and without an account by using these sites:

Please keep in mind we can not and will not apply a WA tag thru SteamRep without proof... we do log everything and can make an attempt to help dig up some data but also be sure to supply the following so we can review logs!

Date/Time of Scam or Attempt to Scam EST is fine for a format! You must not use the in game !report feature for reporting scams, you must come here!

You can obtain the SteamRep URL by going to and pasting in the SteamID of both Victim and Scammer - this shouldn't be hard to do and we will not sit here and walk you thru it.

Below is an Example of what you need highlighted in the black box:

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