Wicked Afterlife Trade Server Rules

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Wicked Afterlife Trade Server Rules

Postby Horse » Thu Nov 10, 2011 12:53 pm

Wicked Afterlife Trade Server Rules

1. Do NOT ask Admins to do Raffles for you're Items!
2. NEVER Impersonate Admins! - All Admins will have ADMIN Tags when they chat normally.
3. NO Scamming - Simple and pretty damn obvious!
4. Do Not Mic/Chat Spam - Spamming will = 24hour ban on first Offense, Perm on next!
5. Don't harass others about values they post for items - we don't believe in following any online guide of any sort.
6. Don't complain about how things are run here - use our forums to let us know instead!
7. Don't Advertise other Trade Servers, Sites, Cheats or Cheat sites (this includes names or tags in your name)!
8. Don't ask Admins for special cmds such as NOCLIP or other features, use RTD the !shop or consider becoming a VIP!
9. Server is a English Speaking server - Speak it or don't say nothing.
10. No large scale events (ie..spycrabs) when there is profit or donations taken by the host or organizer of said event - Trading comes first for mic/chat use unless an admin/mod/sub-mod is holding an event and will sometimes ask nicely to interrupt.
11. Users are not allowed to run raffles(Only Admins/Mods/Sub-Mods can run raffles on our servers) - we have custom made scripts to run them in a controlled environment. We highly recommend you don't use these raffle steam groups, they are popping up all over the place but you never know if you will trade with a SR Tagged scammer or what is really going on or how the winner is chosen. Feel free to read how our raffles are run by going here www.wickedafterlife.com/raffles.html
12. Don't be an asshole - or 'griefing' towards others whom are holding events...just don't be disruptive, if you don't wish to participate that is fine just don't interrupt either.

Unlike other servers we really don't care if you curse or post porn sprays.. this isn't a 6year old day care or pre-school.. you don't like it you can leave it's that simple. However constant cursing and bitching towards others won't be tolerated since we will consider it as mic or chat spam!

Valve has a policy for trading which includes being scammed: Please read it if you have questions concerning what they will do - which isn't much.

https://support.steampowered.com/kb_art ... -MJDG-3003

Info here regarding our Donator status for the Trade Servers which includes rules and policies. We require each donator joining up for any period of time to fill out an agreement form that is a digital signature noting what you are giving keys/money for that is IP# marked for our protection and yours!


Thanks and Happy Trading!
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